how making gold in classic wow:Rogue Solo DM for Foror's Compendium of Dragon Slaying

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Wow classic making gold guide,Rogue Chapter

Everyone knows that there are four places in the East DM to refresh the stack of books, but not every time. Even if the stack of books is brushed out, only one of the four points has a stack of books, so we have to pray that the duplicate will refresh the stack of books at a certain point, which is also a prerequisite for opening the stack.


These four refresh points are in the direction of 3 and 7 o'clock in the greenhouse respectively. Next to the woman BOSS, they go straight to the end of the small flower cluster turning left. According to my analysis, the book stack in the direction of 3 o'clock in the greenhouse is the easiest to produce professional books, because 60% of the professional books I brush out are from this point, and the book stack next to the woman BOSS, 30% of the professional books are born here.


Why? I think it's a bit difficult to brush the three-point direction. The first stack is the most concealed of the other three stacks. The second stack has a twisting cocoon just beside the stack. The third stack has two rows of tree people patrolling in front of the stack. It can be said that brushing the stack is still dangerous, so the probability of professional books is the highest. If you want to open a stack of books next to a woman's BOSS, it's still a technical point. It's not easy to be found by her carelessly, so the probability of listing professional books is the second highest.


After two tall points, let's look at the other two. The refresh point in the direction of 7 o'clock in the greenhouse can hardly open a good career book. I have only opened one or two professional books or the most rubbish jadeite dream at this point. I also asked my friends that they all said that this point was a bad luck point, maybe it was caused by the smelly big flower next to me, and the last one was refreshed in the small flower bush. It's NB. I've only seen the stack of books refreshed three times since I started to clean up my bad luck. I've opened fishing books that are all super garbage three times. We can totally ignore it.

Now I will make a statistic with my friends about the probability of publishing professional books in the past few months.

The recipe of Ao-Dao Mage is 3.5%, the things that Bright won't tell you are 3.0%, you and Frost Shock are 3.3%, the greatest hunter is 2.8%, the defense treasure is 1.7%, the emerald dream is 2.5%, the Dragon Slaughter Outline is 0.5%, the other professional books are 2.6% and the fishing books are 80%.

Through probability we can see that if deliberately brushing the stack of books is a bit worthwhile! With brushing herbs, treasure boxes, we can make profits, remember!